"Art of Aging" Black Toggle Switch Tip

Aged Black Switch Tip to fit switchcraft switches.
Due to the nature of relic works, aging patterns may vary slightly for different pieces.
SAE 8-32 threads to fit US-Switchcraft Switches
*Some Gibson Studio and Tribute models use a metric toggle switch. If you have one of these models please check before ordering.
Size examples for threaded toggle switch knobs:
M3.0 x .5 - rare - switch diameter is 3mm or approx. 7/64"
M3.5 x .6 - common Epiphone - switch lever diameter is 3.5mm or approx. 1/8"
M4.0 x .7 - common Japanese switch - switch lever diameter is 4mm or approx. 5/32"
SAE 8-32 - common US Gibson(except Studio/Tribute models) - switch lever diameter is approx. 4mm or 5/32" <- this is the one being sold here

**M4x.7 and SAE 8-32 are the same diameter but have a different thread pitch. They are not interchangeable.

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