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Metric Stop Bar Studs Steel Nickel

Now in stock Metric Steel Studs
Now in stock Metric Steel Studs will increase the sound of your Epiphone or Japanese Guitar

Nickel plated Steel Studs Metric Set of 2
Mounting studs with METRIC M8 x 1.25 threads
Fits many import(asian) guitars(ie, Epiphone)
Overall Length is 1 3/8" and threaded section is slightly under 7/8"
Fits tailpiece with ears thickness of 5/16"(8mm) and under(please check before ordering)

Product ID: GMSBSN

Available now

8,90 EUR

Preis enthält 19% USt.
Set of 2

Conversion Posts and Thumbwheels

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Huge selection of ABR-1 & Nashville TOM Bridges

Asym. Compensated Tele Saddles

Its your TONE!!!

Tonemission “to make the guitar sound at its best”. To get the best our of your Telecaster’s real potential a simple way to make it sound even better. Thesee new "Offset compensated" bridge saddles, cut out from solid block material, create a stunning tone quality you never heard before from your guitar, while the unique shape dramatically improve the octave tuning. The saddles aren't marked because they're asymmetrical. The two that are positioned the same are for the E/A and B/e while the other is for D/G String.

Stopbars in Alu, Brass, Zink and Steel

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