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Luxe 1958-61 Tele/Strat/P-Bass .1uf/150v Repro Cap

1958-1961 Tele/Strat/P-Bass .1uf/150v Repro Capacitor
This cap was factory installed in the Stratocaster, Telecaster and Precision Bass. I offer three variations of this capacitor, to suit your exact instrument. Please refer to the guide below to determine which cap you need. If you have a '59 or a '60 this is THE cap to use. For a 1958 you could use any one of the 3 variations I offer. In '61 Fender started sticking the cheap ceramic caps in there and by '62 everything had the ceramic caps, but you'd still be accurate if you used this cap in a '61. For a '62 you'd be cheating, but I think your guitar would forgive you!

The cap is handmade over a NOS Vintage Sprague Vitamin Q .1uF/200v capacitor. (The original .1uf/150v rating are nowhere to be found, so that’s about as close as you can get. A passive guitar circuit needs no more than 100v, so your ears and your guitar will never know the difference). The repro paper wrappers and cap-ends are sealed with vintage 40-year-old paraffin (for that extra mojo!) The cap measures 7/8” by 9/16” by 5/16" (20mm X 14mm X 7.5mm) These really look, smell, and feel like the originals. But unlike the originals, these have nice long, unsoldered leads AND they test out within specs. No leaks, no junk.

*If you are working on a Precision bass, the first models used a .1mfd/200v brown label Astron cap (borrowed from the amplifier assembly area) together with a 15k 1/2 watt resistor. I don't think Leo like the Astrons as much as the Cornell-Dubiliers for his top model guitars (Those little Dubilier caps were top-of-the-line and cost five dollars each in today's money! The caps used by Fender today only cost a few cents each!) and by 1952 all the Precisions have the $5 brown chiclet with the 15k resistor. In 1956 the wiring changed again, leaving out the resistor, and stayed the same (.1mfd) until 1964 when they started using a .05 cap. Instructions for the 1956-on P-Bass will be included, if you need the earlier wiring diagram, please let me know.

These hand-made paper-in-oil capacitors ship in a snappy retro box with complete instructions for the Stratocaster, Precision Bass and Telecaster, including detailed historic wiring diagrams and control cavity photographs.

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The Luxe Radio & Musical Instrument Co. was founded in 2004, as an American manufacturer of early and mid-20th century style electronic components. Through intensive research and experimentation we recreate hard to find vintage electronic parts: sourcing original materials, manufacturers, and equipment to make our products as close to the original part as possible: in appearance, materials, manufacture and in performance. Ideal for accurate restorations and for new builds with a heritage look and feel.

Our business motto is simple: Make high quality, authentic, historic electronic parts available for the people who need them.

Real Bumble Bee Caps

1956-1960 style Luxe Oil-Filled .022mF Bumble Bee Capacitors
9 years in development, these are brand new, made in the U.S.A. in the Luxe Radio workshop, to Vintage Specs.

Each cap is hand wound on a 1932 Sprague Specialties Co. Winding Machine replica using exact vintage spec foil and paper film. They're hand soldered, hand cast in oven-proof thermoplastic, hot vacuum impregnated with pure castor oil and hand-painted.

These parts are fresh from the time machine and authentic inside AND out.

Ships complete with Vintage Correct Wiring Diagrams, Mini Guitar Case box and Case Sticker.

We are the manufacturers, the caps will ship directly from us, and, as Always, everything is Guaranteed 100%.

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