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Custom Knob Faceted Bird Ebony

Selected Ebony with real Abalone Bird Inlay, Faceted style with No's
-Classic Tophat
-Made in Germany
-Polished Surface
-Fits CTS/US Split Shaft Pots Shaft diameter 0.235" (5.95mm), fine knurling

Product ID: CK-FBEB

Available soon

16,95 EUR

Preis enthält 19% USt.

Its all about the details..

THE KNOB..the most versaitile Knob in Gtr-History

We are proud to present...the most luxury and versaitile Custom Knob in Guitarhistory MADE IN GERMANY !!!!

Everything is possible....with "THE KNOB"
Round Base with Round Top - Round Base with Faceted Top
Faceted Base with Round Top - Faceted Base with Faceted Top

Select yourself....Base and Top!
Base available in Round and Faceted...(Base is made if Kasein)
"Ivoroid" a nice Yellow Elephant Ivory color with natural grain , we offer also a faceted Real Mother of Pearl Basering...

Tops available in Round and Faceted...with Abalone and "Ivoroid" Bird Inlay
-Madagascar Rosewood -East Indian Rosewood -Cocobolo -Snakewood -Ebony -KOA

Its up to you! Selected yourself

Round Ivoroid Base Cocobolo Top with Bird Inlay

Custom Knobs Ltd.Edt.

NEW! Lampshade Knobs Series...

Nice, nice, nice....just in our new "LS" all our parts these are "MADE IN GERMANY" from the finest woods and materials (sure the craziest too)
Fits US (CTS) Pots...Size is 26x14,25mm....Please note in case of the naturally of the woods the color and grain can be different! Every Knobs is unique!

Lampshade Knobs...NEW!

Ltd.Edt. "Baltic Sea" Amber style

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Selection, Quality and Service has a name "CRAZYPARTS"