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Filter'Tron Pickup Cover without Patent No. Gold

Vintage Filter'Tron Pickup Cover
-Blank front - no patent number
-Made in USA
-Gold plated nickel-silver cover
-Original vintage shape that fits both new and vintage Filtertron pickups
-Overall dimensions are 2.82" x 1.37" x .635" (71.7mm x 34.8mm x 15.9mm)
-Mounting holes are 2.5" center to center (63mm)
-Qty 1 pickup cover


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24,90 EUR

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Made in USA!

All Pickupcovers are "Made in USA" and made of Nickel-Silver!!!
Not all Pickupcovers covers are made of nickel-silver. Pickup covers made of nickel silver are the most transparent sounding.

We offer a large selection incl. org. rare Gibson* OEM Covers, Dealers and Pickupbuilder please ask for Dealerpricelist!

We also offer a nice selection of "Hard to find" and "Custommade" Covers! For sample: Filtertron Humbucker Size Covers, Thunderbird Covers, Open Style Covers and many many more nice stuff.

We also offer a nice range of Pickupbases, Poleshoes, Slugs, and Polescrews. Incl. a Special Selection of Vintage Correct Parts for Upgrade, Restoration or New Construction!

We offer Dealerprices for Pickupbuilders! Please ask for Pricelist!

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