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P90 Soapbar Nohole Cover Chrome

P90 Cover Metal Chrome plated Nohole Version
Nickel plated nickel-silver P90 covers. Not all pickup covers are made of nickel-silver. Pickup covers made of nickel silver are the most transparent sounding.
These are not made of plastic
Dimensions are 3 3/8" (85.5mm) x1 3/8"(34.5mm) x 5/8"(16.5mm) thick.
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Product ID: CP-1998C

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16,90 EUR

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Made in USA!

All Pickupcovers are made in USA !!! All Covers are nickel-silver!!!
Not all Pickupcovers covers are made of nickel-silver. Pickup covers made of nickel silver are the most transparent sounding.

We offer a large selection incl. org. rare Gibson* OEM Covers, Dealers and Pickupbuilder please ask for Dealerpricelist!

New Area59' Vintage PAF Covers

Area59' PAF Covers

We are proud to offer one of the best Vintage Specs PAF Covers you can get at affordable price.

Freaks and Experts knows that vintage 50's PAF covers had differences in shape and even cover thickness through the golden vintage PAF era. Thickness and material is most important for the tone. We use .025 thickness like the end 50's covers and for sure Nickelsilver as material for the maxium of tonal clarity.

The Covers produced by specialized staff throughout complex processes, from material processing to finishing. We are proud to offer two Series which never seen in this pricerange at the market. Our Standard Vintage PAF Series with correct .025 thickness Nickelsilver material and vintage shape, CLP (Copperless plated) no layer of copper is to be found on the base, an important feature for the finishing process.

The Area59' PAF Cover is the flagship of our Series. The building process is more complex and need a lot of knowlegde to create the typical features of the real Vintage Covers. After pressing, each piece is hand-buffed, to recreate the unique drooling and shape.True to vintage, they get the typical dimpled (slightly fall-in look) of the screw hole look of thinner 50's vintage PAF covers from the hand-buffing, also the famous great TV-Screen shape.

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