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"1959er" PAF Set Vintage Blonde

New PAF Series...1957er - 1959er- Pat. No. PAF
New PAF Series...1957er - 1959er- Pat. No. PAF

The new "Pat. Appld. 1959er" PAF Pickup is the final development of our well-known PAF series!
...and we go one step further in the direction of the real Vintage PAF Tone with our new Custommade Magnets.

After spending hrs and hrs in checking different K Values for Neck and Bridge Pickups and testing more then 15 different kindof Magnets, we came to the Final Version of a 1959/60' PAF Pickup.
...we use the nearly same Output Values like the Old PAFs but we use different kinds of Magnets partial loaded Magnet into the AN5 Series to get typical characteristics in sound and the appealing of a great sounding Vintage PAF.

We have access to some great Sounding Vintage Gibson Guitars, 1961 ES335, Gibson Les Paul Standard 1960, SG 1962 , SG 1969 and we compared the org. Pickups with our new Vintage PAF Series and we are proud to say the Pat. Appld. Series offers the same characteristics.
New or Slightly aged and built according to original spec other than being hand wound rather than machine,
Built and voiced as faithful reproductions of the best sounding late '59 PAF’s with “Unmistakable vintage character”
They are perfect matched in Volume and Balance with nice full basses, low mids and nice treble voicing.

These sets generally comes with Output between 8,1-8,3 K. Neck and Bridge Pickups have 2 different part. loaded A5 Magnets which give these set the typical characteristics in sound and the appealing of a great sounding 59/60's Vintage PAF. They are perfect matched in Volume and Balance with nice full basses, low mids and nice treble voicing.

All pickups comes with custom magnetized custommade long alnico magnets for the real Vintage tone. Double Blonde or Zebra or Double Black Coils. Custommade Butyrate Bobbins with the correct Vintage color,
not white, not cream just the closest color to the originals!
Our PAFs are made with correct parts including the Plain enamel wire, Custombuild alnico magnets and the all black leads are correctly configured according to original PAFs we own.

Nice Special Square Windows at the correct position at both sides!Vintage Correct 2-Strand Braided Shieldwire, Vintage Correct PAF Base, Copper Bobbin Screws and last but not least Vintage correct Alloy
"Cheesehead Screws" and correct alloy Steel slugs which make also difference in sound!

Note: This Set is build with Custommade correct Vintage Color Bobbins! Not the Std. more Cream/Yellow ones...

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What Artists says about our new PAFs...

Bart Walker (USA) Royal Southern Bortherhood

I would like to thank Andreas Nowak for allowing me the pleasure of playing the most incredible Les Paul I have ever played (other than Duane's 57 Goldtop) tonight.
The thing sounds and feels amazing. It is his company that made the pickups in it and they are stellar! Look'em up. CrazyParts. Here's a demo video from tonight at the Blues Garage in Hannover.


"Bernie Marsden Signature PAF"



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