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Vintage Size Fretboards "Holy Grail"
Vintage Size Fretboards "Holy Grail" Finest old growth Rosewood 625mm Gibson Vintage Scale

You will find a nice selection of finest Fingerboards, Inlays, Binding and Dots....
all Parts are Highest Quality available.....

Our "Holy Grail" Fretboards are made of finest old growth Rosewood.....
....we found a nice bunch of nearly 30years year old (kiln dried) stocked in a Mill in Spain!

Vintage Scale 24 9/16lenght
Routed for org. Vintage Size Crown Inlays or Dot Inlays
12'' Fingerboard Radius
Size approx.: Nut 42,9 - 12th Fret around 51,2mm - 22th Fret 55,5mm - (24-25 Cutted total)
Thickness: Middle of Radius around 6,2mm

We also offer Raw Boards in Ebony please ask!