Gibson® Sideway Vibrola Gold

This is rare stuff...Gibson Sideway Vibrola Gold Plated New (Nonaged)
used on Gibson Guitars between 1960 and 63'.
Nearly impossible to find...the new revised (Better working) Sidewayvibrola!
Comes incl, all mounting screws...
An undeniable classic, the original Les Paul/SG Standard of 1961-’62 was released with one well-recognized flaw: its stylish Deluxe Vibrato unit (commonly known as the “Sideways Vibrato” for its side-to-side action) never functioned quite as smoothly or accurately as intended. Now Gibson USA has not only recreated this legendary guitar in all its period-correct glory, but totally re-engineered the Sideways Vibrato for smooth, efficient action with perfect pitch return.


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