Area59' ABR-1 Vintage Soft Brass Screw Set Nickel

Finally after more then 2 years reseach and testing...they arrived! Area59' ABR-1 Vintage Soft Brass Saddle Screws
What's special about this screws???? What is the difference compare to standard stock screws and why they sounds better? Here are some answers!
If you ever owned a Vintage ABR-1 bridge you know they sounds different compare to new bridges...This is in case of the different alloys/materials and in case of the overall fit of the saddles and screws! If you notice that old Vintage screws and saddle have much more loser fit compare to current ones its one reason! The other main reason is the much softer brass Gibson used in the past!
Gibson changed specs of the Nonwire ABR-1 bridge saddles and screws some years to solve the problem that they fall out of the bridge during installation or stringbreak. Problem is that the change killing part of the tone! Also they used much harder brass for screws and saddles...
We are proud to offer now a Vintage style screw with more looser fit made of vintage correct (Chem anal.) soft brass. We did several tests with Vintage guitars and org. bridges just changed 2 of the 6 saddles and we didn't noticed any change in sound compare to the org. screws!

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Set of 6

Vintage - Area59' - Gibson screw

Its all about the details..
Its all about the details.. Our Area59' is no exact copy of the Vintage screw, because its build for newer Gibson ABR-1 bridges for perfect "Vintage" fit...this screw let your ABR-1 breath! Overall more airy TONE! Harmonics with lot of Vintage attitude!