Area59' Vintage Shape Lightweigth Stoptail Nickel

True to Vintage Series

Area 59' Vintage Shape Burst Stopbar, authentic Vintage Shape
e could tell they had not been uniformly molded to start from, and they had gone through time-consuming hand-grinding process.This was precisely the reason behind the "individuality of shape and weight", that replica tailpieces could not reproduce thus far.
In the plating process, too, the Tailpiece 59' is given a special twist to be a true replica of vintage. In those days, aluminum die cast products such as Bigsby and strap pins were mainly finished with a shiny surface. Thick nickel or gold plating was rarely done without brass undercoat. In addition, since oxidation, insufficient cleaning and pretreatment can lead to plate peeling, careful preparation is crucial.
-Aluminum Tailpiece
-Made in the USA
-Lightweight vintage design - weight is about 1.2 oz.
-Nickel plated aluminum alloy, Copplerless plated
-Doesn't includes mounting studs or bushing
-Tailpiece ear thickness is .290"(7.4mm)

The aluminum tailpieces weight 1/4 that of the zinc and produce a much different sound. They transfer vibrations differently, resulting in a woodier, more airy vintage tone - richer, rounder mids but with more upper harmonics as well. Back in the '50s, Gibson® used aluminum for their stop bar tailpieces. For whatever reason, they switched to zinc, which is still used today on all but the historic line.

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