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Just in "Porcelain-Vintage White" -M69- Burst Rings...Ltd.Edt. run of 250 Sets
The original Gibson Humbucking Rings and PAF bobbins were made from white butyrate (CAB). Most of them has an Ivory or cream shade over the years due to age in case of invironment influences. You’ll see why the most respected Burst aficionados in the world refer to them as double whites, Vintage white or Percelain white. "True to Vintage" real "CAB" Butyrate Rings for sure with Vintage M69 Markings...
Countless and endless updates still keep them getting better and better.....Uneven legs, flash, drooling, warp, hardness and color. These features found on now discontinued legendary pick-up ring "M-69" reflect the fuzziness of '50s molding technology.
Because modern molding tends to be too accurate, special fine tuning was made to padding, thinning (to prevent warping), undercut (for easier ejecting of molded parts), weld line (to avoid product cracking), and gate (injection point) setting in order to simulate the looseness of the old times. This product is not just a copy, it is the synthesis of manufacturing process analysis and molding experts’ craftsmanship. State-of-the-art technology and passion were poured into producing this calculated looseness and ‘worn-out’ looks.
Plastic pellets used as material also reproduce color, hardness and mass of the original. Then, a blending expert added some fine tuning, so subtle modern instruments cannot measure. Set of 2 Rings (Neck and Bridge)
Our M69' Rings are matched to org. near Mint Condition 1959' Gibson Les Paul Rings, lot of aftermarket Rings have different colors, some are too creamy and a lot of those are too light in color, in case of the builders compared color with rings that "bleached" out over the years in case of environmental influences are important. Also the CAB material tends to gas out and changing color.

Nice Example of Vintage White PAFs and Rings

Nice Exampe of nearly non discolored PAFs/Rings
Nice Exampe of nearly non discolored PAFs/Rings

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Set of 2

We started our own real CAB Ring production...
We started our own real CAB Ring production... CAB-Cellulose Acetat Butyrate - the same material the old Gibson Rings made from! These are softer compare to Standard Aftermarket ABS rings and follow the Topcarve from your Historic Series Guitar exact! Colors ava. Black, Bone White and Vintage Bone!