Area59' Pockerchip Ivory

Brand new, most auccurate Pockerchip....judge yourself...
Here comes the new Area59' R/T Switchring aka "Pokerchip" matching like the org. ones with the same color like our LP Guard! Extruded. Layered ABS...deep stamped correct Font and finally like the old ones.
Like the org. ones the stamping is deeper and a blend of original Pelikan powder and new powder of same specs provides improved 'aged'ability, i.e. naturally 'aged' looks, in spite of artificial ageing process. Color is rubbed by fingers into the stamp printing....just like in the past! In case of the production exp. the coloration of the Goldpowder dont accept the accuracy of a nowaday machined Standard aftermarket, its parts of handwork with kind Vintage attitude!

Product ID: A59'-PKCIN

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