AOA-62'ST-Celluloid Greenish Smoked Aged Assembly

Now as complete Assembly incl. our Pre-CBS style real Nylon Parts ...
Smoked Aged Real cellulloid green guard...62' style hole pattern

-Light Green Color disdcolored left and right of stringarea
-Thicker black biddle layer
-Chatter marks from router
-Light milky Toplayer light glossy discolored
-Typical semi gloss back
-1962' style 11 hole pattern
-Fits Vintage Strats & USA & Mexico Vintage Series guitars

Real Nylon Parts (Blacklight reacting)
-Set of 3 True to Vintage Nylon Covers
-Set of 3 True to Vintage Nylon Knobs with greenish numbers
-Switch Tip Set True to Vintage
-Large thin Shieldplate

Product ID: AOA-ST62-CELL-AS

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299,00 EUR

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Blacklight reacing !

Like real Vintage Covers...
Like real Vintage Covers... Our Vintage Aged White covers reacting under Blacklight!