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62/64 ST-Pickguard Shield

Vintage style thin metal Pickguard shield...62/64'
Vintage style thin metal Pickguard shield...62/64' 0,25mm/0,01'' thickness like the org. see Parts for Fender Pickguards

Fight the 50/60s cycle hum from adverse conditions like when fluorescent lighting and neon signs in the venue are on the same circuit as the stage. No wiring necessary. The thin aluminum shielding for the underside of your Stratocaster pickguard helps with noise-cancellation.
Fits '62/64 American Vintage Stratocaster & Vintage Strats (US). Will not fit modern-style pickguards.

-011" thick aluminum shielding. 0,25mm
-Mounts in-between pickguard and body to provide electrical interference shielding.
-No wiring required.

Product ID: 62/64STPGS

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The "Art of Aging"...

Distressed, Aged or it yourself!
we started aging Plastic and Metalparts more then 13 years ago, longtime before other done. After years of research and experience in aging metal and platicparts we are proud to introduce our "Art of Aging" Series...High Quality Vintage Related Aftermarket Parts...
We offer a wide range of Metal and Plasticparts esp. for Gibson and Fender style Guitars...our goal is to offer authentic looking aged parts for a reasonable price!

Please note that we age parts one at a time painstaking and carefully by hand, in this way every single piece is unique.

Correct Vintage Colors...

We at Crazyparts offer a wide range of different Color Plastics and we think you will find your favorite one here. Over the years we find several suppliers which offers Pickguards, Rings, Knobs and Covers with Vintage Colors. Gibson and Fender changed specs/colors over the years so we think its hard to say "This was the real color". We have access to real Vintage Guitars and Parts and saw hundrets of real ones over the last 20 years, we are proud to say that lot of our parts are Customordered and matched close in color to ol' ones ... For Sample, our Vintage Bone Rings are matched to org. 1960 M69 Burst rings...

Gibson style Knobs

Our Knobs are Custombuild in Japan. Nice rich Gold color, fully tined, Embossed No's and smooth rounded and Fall-in Top along with Greenish oxd. underside...Great Replacement Knobs for reasonable Price. We offer also Speedknobs, Reflector Heads and Witchhat Knobs.

Vintage Wide Bevel Guards

Here is a nice example of our new Custommade real "Wide Bevel" Guard. Available in Greenish or Vintage Parchment, nice shiny surface, slightly screw pull, Scoop and dirt build up. Made from US template so will fit US/Mexican and vintage Strats.

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