Gibson® Nonwire ABR-1 Chrome incl. Posts/Wheels

Historic Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge Chrome
Straight from Gibson Guitar’s Historic Re-issue guitars come Gibson Gear’s new Historic Spec series – parts that have been specially designed to replicate the original parts used by Gibson in the late 1950s. With this Historic Non-Wire ABR-1 Bridge, Gibson has re-created the famous non-wire bridge it used on its electric guitars until 1962-63. “GIBSON ABR-1” is featured in raised letters on the base of the bridge. The vintage bridge also includes un-notched saddles.
-Include post and thumbwheels
-Unnotched brass saddle for custom string spacing
-2 7/8" stud spacing
-12" saddle radius
-OEM Version

Nonwire ABR-1 Nickel


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