Pinnacle Locking TOM Titanium Saddles Nickel

Locking Nashville Tune-o-matic style bridge
Made in the USA
Nickel plated aluminum body - non-plated titanium saddles
Includes 2.5mm allen key
Includes studs and anchors
CNC machined string specific notched titanium saddles
2"(50.8mm) E to e spacing
12" saddle radius
Direct fit for US Gibson guitars
M5 x .8 threaded posts with 5mm diameter top section - **included posts must be used with bridge
2 15/16 stud spacing

Possibly the best locking Nashville bridge made for Gibson Les Paul guitars! The post and locking cap both have a rounded surface that mates perfectly to the round receptacle on the aluminum body. Prior to locking the bridge, the pivoting connection allows the bridge to self-center and tilt for proper bridge alignment. When locked down, this connection will have a larger contact path for better tone transmissions from the bridge to the guitar's body!

The tonal benefit of titanium saddles:

More presence out of your guitar
More volume – you can notice the volume jump on the guitar acoustically
More clarity – notes will come out clearer and have a quicker response without being harsh on the high end or thin
More sustain
No change massive EQ shift in your guitar – No extra midrange bump as with brass or scooped mids as with aluminum – just increase in all frequencies of the guitar across the board.
Tight, clear low end

The Pinnacle locking TOM bridge uses a 2.5mm allen wrench for bridge height adjustment. First, make sure the cap is loose using a straight slot screwdriver then insert the allen wrench in the center of the post for easy height adjustment.

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