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CTS 500/250K Splitshaft Pot HSS/SHS

CTS Dual 500K/250K Split Shaft
CTS Dual 500K/250K Split Shaft Perfect for HSS or HSH Equiped Strats...Perfect K-Value for Humbuckers and Singelcoils

Top-quality potentiometers used on U.S. Fender® instruments with 3/8" potentiometer shafts. Package includes one concentric 250K/500K audio, split shaft potentiometer This is the perfect Pot for SSH and HSH Equipped Guitars!
Typically used in HSS Strat's so you can have the appropriate value potentiometer for the volume position to retain a correct tone for both the single coils in the middle and neck positions as well as the Humbucker in the bridge position. Top Pot has 500K Bottom one 250K

Product ID: CTS500-250

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