Luxe 1958-61 Tele/Strat/P-Bass .1uf/150v Repro Cap

1958-1961 Tele/Strat/P-Bass .1uf/150v Repro Capacitor
This cap was factory installed in the Stratocaster, Telecaster and Precision Bass. I offer three variations of this capacitor, to suit your exact instrument. Please refer to the guide below to determine which cap you need. If you have a '59 or a '60 this is THE cap to use. For a 1958 you could use any one of the 3 variations I offer. In '61 Fender started sticking the cheap ceramic caps in there and by '62 everything had the ceramic caps, but you'd still be accurate if you used this cap in a '61. For a '62 you'd be cheating, but I think your guitar would forgive you!

The cap is handmade over a NOS Vintage Sprague Vitamin Q .1uF/200v capacitor. (The original .1uf/150v rating are nowhere to be found, so that’s about as close as you can get. A passive guitar circuit needs no more than 100v, so your ears and your guitar will never know the difference). The repro paper wrappers and cap-ends are sealed with vintage 40-year-old paraffin (for that extra mojo!) The cap measures 7/8” by 9/16” by 5/16" (20mm X 14mm X 7.5mm) These really look, smell, and feel like the originals. But unlike the originals, these have nice long, unsoldered leads AND they test out within specs. No leaks, no junk.

*If you are working on a Precision bass, the first models used a .1mfd/200v brown label Astron cap (borrowed from the amplifier assembly area) together with a 15k 1/2 watt resistor. I don't think Leo like the Astrons as much as the Cornell-Dubiliers for his top model guitars (Those little Dubilier caps were top-of-the-line and cost five dollars each in today's money! The caps used by Fender today only cost a few cents each!) and by 1952 all the Precisions have the $5 brown chiclet with the 15k resistor. In 1956 the wiring changed again, leaving out the resistor, and stayed the same (.1mfd) until 1964 when they started using a .05 cap. Instructions for the 1956-on P-Bass will be included, if you need the earlier wiring diagram, please let me know.

These hand-made paper-in-oil capacitors ship in a snappy retro box with complete instructions for the Stratocaster, Precision Bass and Telecaster, including detailed historic wiring diagrams and control cavity photographs.

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