Luxe 51/52' Broad-/Nocaster Cornell-Dubilier cap

PIO Cornell-Dubilier .05ufd/150vdc Repro cap as used from 1950 to 1952...
These caps are handmade over a vintage NOS .047uf/100v paper-in-oil (Vitamin Q type) capacitor (The original .05uf/150v rating are no longer made, but your ears and your guitar will never know the difference). The repro paper wrappers and cap-ends are sealed with vintage 40-year-old paraffin (for that extra mojo!) They measure about 3/8” by 7/8.” These really look, smell, and feel like the originals. But unlike the originals, these have nice long, unsoldered leads (1&7/8"/52mm) AND they test out within specs. No leaks, no junk.
All items comes in a snappy retro case with detailed wiring diagrams.
This auction is for one REPRODUCTION PIO Cornell-Dubilier .05ufd/150vdc capacitor as used from 1950 to 1952. These ship with a NOS vintage Carbon Composition 15k Ohm 1/2 watt resistor and an orange cloth switch-wiring loom. This capacitor was used in the Broadcaster, Nocaster and the early Telecaster with the blend control circuit. The capacitor is hand-made using a NOS Paper-in-Oil capacitor as the core.

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