Luxe 1955 Solar Tele/Esquire .05mf/150v Cap

1955 Solar Tele/Esquire .05mf/150v Capacitor Repro
Here is an alternative cap for your Early to Mid '50s Telecasters and Esquires. This brown paper/wax cap was manufactured by Solar and occasionally turns up soldered to the switch in Telecasters as a '50s factory mod to the Dark Circuit which normally used a .1mf square Phone Book cap. You can solder one to the tone pot as well. Whether you're restoring a nice vintage guitar or building a new relic, you won't find the right caps anywhere else for love or money. These are handmade one at a time to look just like the real deal. I start with NOS vintage Vitamin Q type caps (the best sounding caps in the world and the only type of vintage cap that doesn't degrade and fall apart), I seal them in clay to match the dimensions of the originals (and to keep hot soldering irons from destroying the finished product). Then I wrap them in reproduction nitrocellulose/paper wrappers and seal them with 40 year old paraffin. What you get is a truly vintage cap, in perfect working order, that looks just like the real deal and won't go bad on you

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