Luxe 56-58' Single Pick-up Esquire Cap & Resistor

This kit contains 3 restoration quality reproduction tone capacitors and one NOS 3.3k Ohm carbon composition resistor with illustrated installation instructions. The capacitors are made with .047uf/100v NOS (1960s-1970s) Vitamin Q type capacitors (considered by many to be the finest guitar tone caps in the world). The original wax-paper and foil caps used in Fender guitars were rated at .05uf/150v, but this type hasn¹t been made since the early 1960s and a .047/100v is sonically identical. Fender switched from the jumbo-sized 2.5k resistor to a 3.3k in 1956, so this kit includes a 3.3k. Each NOS capacitor is placed in a hand-rolled kraft-paper tube and wrapped with a nitrocellulose-sealed reproduction paper wrapper before being dipped in a vintage recipe rosin/wax blend (My potting wax recipe dates from the 1950s and includes NOS 50-year-old paraffin and pine pitch). Each cap is then relic¹d to match the originals (These are handmade and no two are identical) but unlike the originals these have nice long leads and they test perfectly within specs. No leaks and no junk! junk! The finished caps measure about 3/8² by 7/8.²

Product ID: Luxe-56/58 Esq.Kit

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