Area59' Treble Bleed 500K for Gibson® HB Guitars

You don't need a doctor if you are not happy with your sound!
If not...maybe you need one of our new Treble Bleeds...a must for Single channel amps...

Area59' 500K Treble Bleed
We are proudly introduce the Area59' Treble Bleed (exclusive build for us by D.Whittmore of LUXE USA)
There are a lot of different opinions about the use of a ‘treble-bleed’ on the volume control of an electric guitar. Many customer complains that the sound/tone will to be too thin when they turn the Volume down. The simplest solution would be to solder a capacitor parallel over the two available connectors of the volume control. When adjusting down, the highs remain present but not the lows. (Similar to a bright-cap in the amplifier.) The value of which of course depends upon the features of the pickups and the amp.

We offer 2 different Treble Bleeds 250K for Singlecoils and 500K for Humbuckers/P90s Incl. a Ltd. Edt. Bloodpack Edition.
Compare to other Treble Bleeds our Bleeds are made of a real wax/oil paper and foil cap with a carbon resistor in series! As you know Pio caps sounds much more organic and warmer compare to Std. aftermarket Ceramic cap, this is the reason we use a real handmade PIO Cap in our Bleeds! After checking different values we can to the final that the 250K one sounds best with a .0001mf Cap and a 160k 1/2 watt resistor, the 500K ones is a .0,0015mf with the same 160k 1/2 watt resistor. We have the feel that the Wax and paper gives the Bleed a much more organic tone...

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