Luxe 1955-57 Gretsch 6121Stack Tone-Pot Cap Kit

Many thanks to John Orth for providing the original 1956 parts in the photo. This auction is for a Set of Good-All (.05/100v and .002/100v) Wax Tubular REPRODUCTION Capacitors, as used in most every guitar made by Gretsch from 1955 to 1957. The original pot and caps in the photo are not part of the auction and are for comparison only. Illustrated wiring instructions will be included. Information on vintage Gretsch & Rickenbacker caps and wiring is always welcome and handsomely rewarded! These caps were factory installed in all the old Gretsch guitars that had one or two DeArmond pickups and the stacked tone-pot. After 1957 they switched to Filtertrons and changed all the wiring around. This kit includes one .05/100v cap made with a .047/100v NOS Paper-in-Oil cap and a .002/100v made with a .002/630v film cap (as I can't find any PIO small enough for the job) and identical-to-the-original NOS black plastic spaghetti tubing. I know the 630 volt cap will give a little more "ceiling" than a 100 volt, but the signal transfer of a film cap is closer to the original wax-type than any other type of cap I could have used.

What you get is.... Two Good-All (.05/100v and .002/100v) Wax Tubular REPRODUCTION Capacitors. Like all my items this comes in a snappy retro case with detailed wiring diagrams.

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