Luxe 60-61' Stack-Knob Jazz Bass Cap & Resistor

1960 Jazz Bass Capacitor & Resistor Kit With many thanks to Mr. Clive Russell who actually dismantled his 1960 Jazz and took detailed photos in order for me to make this possible. We are very pleased to be able to offer this kit which will be of vital help to you if you are restoring or converting your Jazz bass to 1960 specs. In addition to two reproduction ZYW1S5 .05 mfd 150v paper tubular caps this kit also includes a detailed wiring diagram that you will not find anywhere else and two impossible to find NOS 220k ½ watt carbon composition resistors. This wiring scheme uses a .05 cap and 220k resistor on each pot with the signal going straight through the resistors to the jack. This arrangement lasted only 2 years and was quickly changed to the 3 knob configuration which is used to this day. The instructions included with this kit feature full-sized drawings taken directly from an original 1960 Jazz bass with notations for the correct placement of all components.

Product ID: Luxe-1960-61 SKJB

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