Luxe Late '60s/Early '70s Jazz Bass Repro Cap

Late '60s/Early '70s Jazz Bass Repro Capacitor
Here's an impossible to find part for an increasingly popular instrument, the Funky '70s Fender Jazz Bass. This instrument was made for only a few years from mid 1966 until 1971 or so. And from 1968 to 1970 this .022uF capacitor and and some curious looking green cloth covered wire were used inside. Each cap is handmade over a Mallory 150 .022uf/250v capacitor and measures about 1 & 1/8” by 5/16."
Also included, but not pictured, are vintage wiring instructions and funky green cloth covered wire to complete the look.

Product ID: Luxe-60/70 JBC

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