Luxe NOS#8 Black Vintage Style PVC Tubing

#8 PVC Tubing BLACK

NOS #8 Black PVC Tubing
This type of black plastic tubing was used by Gibson troughout the 1950's and into the 1960's to insulate the braided shield wire where is passed over the pots in the control cavity. Identical in Appearance and Performance to Original Yellow Tubing used in vintage electronics and Fender and Gibson guitars. This #20 Gauge Spaghetti Tubing slides perfectly over #20 AWG and smaller Buss Wire, and is commonly used to insulate the ground wire that runs between the pots in vintage Gibson guitars.
This braided spaghetti tubing is specially made for us in the USA by the original manufacturer, it is coated and finished by hand in our Los Angeles workshop.
Due to the difficulty in evenly coating this tubing, it must be made in 6" lengths. Order by the foot and you will receive two (2) 6" lengths.

#8 PVC Tubing BLACK

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