Upgrade Kit Les Paul Longshaft Black Beauty

What's in the kit:
-4 Calibrated CTS (USA) 500K Long Shaft (Custom made to Crazyparts specifications)
-1 Length vintage white wire- Used for grounding and the wiring of the switch in the circuit.
-1 Length vintage black wire- Used for grounding and wiring the switch in the circuit.
-1 Braid Shield Wire
-detail pictured describtion and wiring chematic -2 Luxe Paper-In-Oil Black Beauty Capacitors .022mfd 400vdc -Length vintage-black wire- for the grounding in the circuit -4-foot length braided wire- Used for wiring switch.

This kit comes with Long SHAFT pots, which is appropriate for the following guitars: ALL GUITARS with the exception of all production Les Pauls® made since 1977. For owners of Historic Les Pauls®, this kit is for you!

Gibson Les Pauls that take long shaft pots:

50's & 60's Tributes
Historic '68 Custom RI
1977-current Custom's
1977-current Deluxe's
1977-1982 Pro's

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