Gibson 60's Tribute Tailpiece Nickel

Gibson 60's Tribute LP Tailpiece Nickel...this is fully Tailpiece incl. all Accessories.
As luscious and rockin’ as the early Goldtops were, the guitars made in 1952 were shipped with what was arguably a “flaw” in their set up: a shallow neck pitch required that the new Les Paul “trapeze” bridge be loaded with the strings wrapped under the bar saddle, rather than over it. These guitars played great and sounded fantastic, but the configuration made it more challenging for players to achieve string-mute effects with the edge of the picking hand. In order to remain faithful to the original, while giving this Les Paul 60th Anniversary Goldtop its full potential, Gibson USA has crafted the guitar with a correct 5-degree neck pitch and loaded it with a properly strung wrapover trapeze tailpiece, with the strings loaded over the top of the bar to allow an easy, traditional playing feel

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