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Plastic Humbucker Mounting Rings Curved Black

Curved Pickupring Set Neck and Bridge Black
Made in Japan
Inkl. Screws
Neck 46mm×92mm×2.6mm~5.3mm
Bridge 46mm×92mm×8mm~9.4mm


Available now

6,90 EUR

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Set of 2

Vintage Bone Rings

Our "Vintage Bone" Mounting Rings and our CAB "Butyrate" PAF bobbins are matched to org. 1960 Gibson Originals! They looks great, not to Yellow and not to White compare to other aftermarket Reproductions.

From left to right:
Black, Creme, Ivory, Bonewhite, Vintage Bone

Plastic Humbucker Mounting Rings Set "Vintage Bone"
Maybe the clostest Rings in color you can get in the lower Pricerange! These rings are matched to org. 1960' LP Standard Rings...
Our Custommade "Vintage Bone" rings are sligthy warmer in color compare to the Bone White which are lighter in color.

One of the best aftermarket rings available....correct size and heigth!
Softer material compared to other rings, so they will follow carve Gibson Historic and CC Les Paul tops.
We cannot guarantee that rings not break when mounted on other guitars with wrong carve.
Rings made in JAPAN

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