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"Art of Aging" Vintage style Pickguard Screw Set

Custommade for Crazyparts....Fender style Pickguard Screws!

-Made in USA
-Inch Thread
-Vintage specs
-Nickel plated aged
-Set of 19 Screws


Available now

5,90 EUR

Preis enthält 19% USt.
Set of 19

left Vintage style screw - right Std. Aftermarket
left Vintage style screw - right Std. Aftermarket

Ageing is art..we know about the "Art of Aging"

High Quality Vintage Related Aftermarket Guitar Parts for reasonable Price!

Players paying thousands of Euros for aged or Relic Instruments, but in case of the production costs most guitars have new Plastics and mass production aged Hardware, which looks most far from real Vintage. With „Art of Aging“ Parts Players can Pimp their instruments more realistic and morecorrect look the way they like .Art of Aging parts are most better in quality, color and overall look compare to the original Stockparts.

All Replacement parts are made to org. Factorysize and can changed without big modifications on instruments. Means if the player selling the Guitar he always can change the parts to original condition if wanted.

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Selection, Quality and Service has a name "CRAZYPARTS"