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LP Guard Vintage Bone Burst Cut

Pickguard New (Nonaged) for Gibson Historic Les Pauls 2009-current incl. CC Models
...this is Vintage Burst correct Guard with sligthly wider Space at Neck Pickup...

This guard has 56,3mm Spacing and 48,2 wide at Neckpickup

Fits Vintage LP's can also used on newer ones, please check spacing before!
Guards are Custommade for Crazypart Germany, Color is Vintage Bone and lighter in color compare to our other guards!
This Guard is custommade for Crazyparts in Japan, right down to the authentic chatter marks along the edge of the guard.


Available now

14,90 EUR

Preis enthält 19% USt.

Color comparision, Vintage Bone/Ivory/Creme Ivory
Color comparision, Vintage Bone/Ivory/Creme Ivory

A nice selection of Replacement Guards for Gibson Guitars...
Most of the Vintage Les Paul and P90 Guards are Custommade to our Specs, esp. in Color. A Very Nice Ivory much lighter in color compare to the Standard and other Aftermarket Guards.

All our Multiple Layer ES, SG and Les Paul Custom Guards are from the same supplier which builds for a Big famous Japanese Company, we are offer a selection for Budged Price! Checkout....Quality is Superb and price is more then affordable!

We also offer Replacement Backplates for Gibson Historic and CC Les Pauls!

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Selection, Quality and Service has a name "CRAZYPARTS"