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Vintage Alloy Magnets (Made in Europe!)...Magnets are the key to "Vintage Sound"...our magnets are custommade for us. We offer several types and sizes...

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"True to Vintage" Magnets made the old way

Our Magnets are custommade for Crazyparts to Vintage specs... cast one by one in Europe!
Why made in Europe?...the simple fact is, overseas magnet makers do not have the records or generational knowledge to match the capabilities of our magnet maker. (Founded more then 45 years ago). The result is overseas Alnico charges higher and sounds different than EU or US made Alnico.

The most common magnet Type in the 50's and 60s was the Alnico 2 and Alnico 5 ...we analysed these two types of old magnets to build a magnet which comes clost to the old ones. Important detail concerning the tone of vintage P.A.F. pickup magnets is the metal formulation and heat treating processes of our manufacture. An interesting detail of Alnico magnets in vintage P.A.F. pickups is they are very often lower charged than many of the modern Alnico magnets made overseas. There are several reasons for the difference.

The main reason is Gibson used to charge magnets in a block. Alnico is cheaper to purchase uncharged. As a cost savings measure purchased uncharged magnets and .charged several magnets in a small block in a homemade charge. The practice of charging Alnico in a block results in Alnico magnets that are not fully charged or fully "saturated" with a charge. In order for Alnico to be most stable it should be fully saturated. As a result of Gibson's old charging method magnets received less charge from the get go and depending upon what these magnets are exposed to over time, they are more prone to losing charge with some grades being more prone than others to loss of charge.

We offer the most common types ALN Magnets

Different Magnet Types and Sound Info
Alnico 2
- Warmer sounding with less magnetic pull to allow the strings to vibrate more freely. A good choice for warming up a bright or harsh sounding amp and guitar.
Overall the Alnico 2 is warm, with clear mids, spongier bass, and a softer attack. Many players use the Alnico 2's to better achieve the vintage tone heard in many pickups from the 50's era.

Alnico 3
- Considered to be brighter than Alnico 2 with the least magnetic pull to allow the strings to vibrate more freely. A good choice for clean tones and lots of articulation.
Overall the Alnico 3 is bright, with clear mids, warm bass, and a softer attack.

Alnico 4
-This magnet is best described to have the characteristics of both Alnico 2 and Alnico 5. Kind of a happy medium.

Alnico 5
Bright sounding with more focus and enhanced dynamics. A good choice for adding a brighter punch to a warm or dull sounding amp or guitar.

Alnico 5 - Short
Providing more focus in the upper-mids and brighter highs. The bottom-end is deep but very controlled and coupled with the extra cut in the high-end. Great for organic, clean and driven tones.

Overall the Alnico 5 is bright and punchy, with glassy highs, tight bass, and more attack. Alnico 5 magnets are the most commonly used magnets in guitar pickups today.

Made in USA!

All Pickupcovers are "Made in USA" and made of Nickel-Silver!!!
Not all Pickupcovers covers are made of nickel-silver. Pickup covers made of nickel silver are the most transparent sounding.

We offer a large selection incl. org. rare Gibson* OEM Covers, Dealers and Pickupbuilder please ask for Dealerpricelist!

We also offer a nice selection of "Hard to find" and "Custommade" Covers! For sample: Filtertron Humbucker Size Covers, Thunderbird Covers, Open Style Covers and many many more nice stuff.

We also offer a nice range of Pickupbases, Poleshoes, Slugs, and Polescrews. Incl. a Special Selection of Vintage Correct Parts for Upgrade, Restoration or New Construction!

We offer Dealerprices for Pickupbuilders! Please ask for Pricelist!

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