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Pickupcovers Aged

One of Customaged PAF Cover

We offer "One off" Customageing for TTV PAF Covers
We offer "One off" Customageing for TTV PAF Covers This is ageing is only ava. for our True to Vintage LTD PAF Covers! Price on request!

Standard aged PAF Cover

We offer also a selection of aged covers...Standard aged of Custom Aged!

Ava. Customaged Option for Area59' True to Vintage LTD Covers Nickel and Gold...
..with more then 20 years experience in ageing Guitarparts we are leading company in the world with the largest selection of different style, type and colors of Guitarparts.

This is Option for Customageing job for one Pickupcover. Note since all ageing is done by hand, look can be slightly different to the pictures!

Standard Aged PAF Cover

Made in USA!

All Pickupcovers are "Made in USA" and made of Nickel-Silver!!!
Not all Pickupcovers covers are made of nickel-silver. Pickup covers made of nickel silver are the most transparent sounding.

We offer a large selection incl. org. rare Gibson* OEM Covers, Dealers and Pickupbuilder please ask for Dealerpricelist!

We also offer a nice selection of "Hard to find" and "Custommade" Covers! For sample: Filtertron Humbucker Size Covers, Thunderbird Covers, Open Style Covers and many many more nice stuff.

We also offer a nice range of Pickupbases, Poleshoes, Slugs, and Polescrews. Incl. a Special Selection of Vintage Correct Parts for Upgrade, Restoration or New Construction!

We offer Dealerprices for Pickupbuilders! Please ask for Pricelist!

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Selection, Quality and Service has a name "CRAZYPARTS"