Area59' Vintage LTD PAF Cover 49,2mm Gold

Area59' Hasn't look and sound this good since 59'
First....both sounds fantastic! Maybe the best Vintage PAF covers ava. in this pricerange!
As the name says... the difference is the method those covers are polished to get the typical Vintage look... The modern ones polished by hand with a wheel...The Vintage LTD method Covers are polished with a "Belt"... both covers has the typical Vintage look. Also the platingtime on those covers is slightly different (sorry this is secret). This process needs a lot of experience and more time and its done by one staff member with lot of knowledge about the Vintage building and polishing technique (This guy doin this job for more then 30 years)...
The Vintage LTD -Nickname "RAPP" Cover-...real accurate and perfect plated! The Vintage LTD Covers has slightly more thinned out dimple holes in case of the method they are polished, but thats not the only difference...the Vintage covers has a shorter plating time with the thinnest possible plating available.

More real, more accurate and more Perfected Plated replica pickupcover of legendary 59's PAF, here are the new Area59' "True to Vintage" PAF" Covers....
Vintage PAF cover has got this gentle look that only careful hand work can achieve. Drawing, pressing, meticulously cut edges, loosely finished pole piece hole, buffing, plating for a deep shine. To replicate this gentleness, is produced exclusively by specialized staff throughout complex processes, from material processing to finishing. For sure with the correct 0,20' thickness real German Silver material.
For example, after pressing, each piece is hand-buffed, to recreate the unique drooling and shape.True to vintage, no layer of copper is to be found on the base, an important feature for the finishing process. As for plating, every single detail has been studied and analyzed, to replicate the same shine and texture. Area59' "True to Vintage" PAF-cover’s well balanced and true design, realized by meticulous analysis of each manufacturing step by our craftsmen, radiates beauty and harmony. Covers are ava. -All CLP (Copperless plated) Nickel and Gold, new and aged....
-Maximum in tonal clarity - Best Sound Guarantee
-Dimpled screw hole look of thinner 50's vintage P.A.F. covers
-Vintage correct hole diameter
-Tops are flat assuring a proper fit and correct vintage look
-Nickel (Copperless) plated like Gibson Vintage PAF Covers
-1 15/16" (49.2mm) E to e measured center to center pole spacing. Please verify this measurement before ordering
-Overall dimensions are 2.75" x 1.5" x .65" (69.7mm x 38.1mm x 16.4mm)
We are proud to offer our covers much cheaper compare to other Highend Covers...our new covers maybe the best you can buy in this Pricerange...despite that every cover is handcrafted!

Hasn't look and sound this good since 59'

The most authentic Vintage PAF covers
The most authentic Vintage PAF covers

Area59' True to Vintage LTD PAF Cover

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Copperless Plated

Vintage correct...CLP Copperless plated
Vintage correct...CLP Copperless plated

Dimpled screw hole look like Vintage Covers

Its all about the details...
Its all about the details... Vintage method polsihed, perfect plated..can't be more Vintage