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Area59' "P90" Soapbar

Area59' "P90" Soapbar incl. Black, Ivory or Creme Cover (Choose the one after order)

Aged Covers Optional! Not incl.

The Tone of a good Vintage P90, now available from Area59'
Open, Clear, Rich and Powerfull....

Custom Made & Handwound in the USA
Exclusive for Crazyparts

Slightly aged and built according to original spec other than being hand wound rather than machine,
built and voiced as faithful reproductions of the best sounding Vintage Pickups
“Unmistakable vintage character”

Product ID: A59P90

Available now

99,00 EUR

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Bernie Marsden -Whitesnake- Signature PAF

The Beast Bucker story..

...we meet Bernie first time 4/5 October 2014 at the Copenhagen Guitar Show. Bernie walked in and felt in love with my DJ 59' Burst...he told me that he never saw a better retuning with this stunning look of an old 59' Burst. He played "Barfly" and was amazed about the sound of the Pickups, just in this second I became the idea of a Signature PAF for Bernie and the name was there also in my mind...."THE BEAST BUCKER" would be the coolest name for his PAF since his famous 59' Burst called "THE BEAST".

Exact 1 year later, after lot of reseach and testing, checking details of Bernies org. PAFs and finding the rigth components, we are proud to introduce "THE BEAST BUCKER". Bernies Signature Pickup is close to the old Burst PAFs that breathe the Famous "Burst Tone" into your modern build Guitar.

"THE BEAST BUCKER" Vintage Version is build only from Vintage correct Parts, incl. correct alloy slugs and custommade "Cheesehead" Polescrews all those Parts are "Made in USA" , the magnet of this PAF is custommade (we analyzied an old PAF Magnet and find out the components they are made from) All Parts and Sets will be prepared here at Crazyparts when we get it from the USA first, the ageing process is very complex, ageing Bases, Bobbins, Screws etc. , then the parts prepared for the next step of the production and sending to Marc Ransley for winding. After the winding process and mounting they send back to us for final ageing, adding stickers, final check and packing for final sale.

All Pickups are wind the old fashioned way by real people that had pride in what they were doing. This is one of the secrets and something special that you don't get cloned by a machine, that humanity you get from one person, winding one pickup at a time, is what we think "MOJO" is.
All Beastbucker Sets is numbered and came with a handsigned Certificate of Bernie.

The first 100 Sets are LTD Edt. with the famous aged DMC Covers... for sure all Sets came Numbered and with a handsigned Certificate...Don't miss the chance to buy a collectors item of tomorrow and for sure a great sounding PAF!

100 LTD. Editon Sets availalbe

LTD. Edition of 100 Sets

We will offer a Special LTD. Edition of 100 Sets Double Black Coils, Fully aged (incl. Aged Base) and Signature PAF Sticker with aged DMC Covers, Each Set comes with Numbered Handsigned Certificate of Bernie along with a Beastbucker T-Shirt and Sticker.

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