Enhanced Vintage Tremolo Steel Block & Arm

Enhanced Vintage Design: Vintage meets modern....Colled rolled Steel block...
A Delrin bush is inserted into the top of the block, precise engineered to support a 5mm stainless steel trem arm which eliminates any slack.
The block is Vintage design, which utilizes a Delrin bushing in the arm hole, for the arm to bear against. With traditional threaded block designs, when you use the arm you create forces that are concentrated right on the threaded portion of the arm - its weakest point. This is where arms typically break. Thesolution is to leave this bearing-portion of the arm unthreaded, and to insert a Delrin bushing into the block for it to bear against. (Delrin is similar to nylon). This virtually eliminates broken arms.
Virtual Pop-In arm Incl. (no extra charge) The arm is unthreaded where it bears against the Delrin bushing, it does have a few threads at the end. This allows you to push it in, then spin it once or twice to engage a couple of the threads. The threads are there simply to keep the user from inadvertently pulling the arm out during use. So the arm is "virtually" a pop-in design, but engaging a couple of threads is suggested.

-String Spacing: 2-7/32" (2.219" / 56.4mm)
-Enhanced Vintage, w/ 10-32 Thread
-Fits Fender original 1954-1969; US Reissues; Highway 1 (through 2005); Custom Shop Time Machine Series; Jimmie Vaughan Strat; Eric Johnson Strat; Road Worn Strat; MIJ Reissue (CIJ Reissue requires top plate); Classic Series '50s/60s/70s; WD Exact Vintage; Stew-Mac Vintage

Best of both worlds...Trem arm fixing...


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