Firebird® WD USA Tuners 6-Inline Gold New

Firebird® Tuners WD® USA, 6-Inline Gold plated new, incl. bushings and screws.
After more than 40 years, WD® USA has just reissued the Firebird/Banjo tuners in all their original glory! WD® stayed true to the design in virtually every aspect using planetary gears with the 12:1 ratio (wind rate = to 14.6:1 ratio), the exact mounting screw pattern, housing size and appearance with the 5/16 inch string post. Because these tuners have a larger string post the tuners do require the original larger peg hole which is very similar in size to what is used for modern die-cast tuners.
In case of Trademark rights of the Kluson® name for Europe, these tuners supplied without package!


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139,00 EUR

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