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Crazy Parts

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Selection, quality and service has a name!

10th Anniversary Crazyparts 2004-2014 


Curly Maple "Burst" Blanks and Tops form USA

we got some Killer Curly Maple "Burst" Blanks Direct from the best Source in the USA...the real deal "acer sacrum"


Curly Maple "Burst" Blanks direct from USA !!!


Schaffer Vega LTD Editon Units!

We got 3 Custommade LTD Edtions!!! 


Best Reproparts available


Area59' PAFs Great Pickups for reasonable Price!

Great Sounding and looking Vintage style PAFs The real deal...for reasonalbe Price! Why pay more?


Area59' "Hot Burrito" Humbucker

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT.....Burrito HB Extrem Hot and Extrem Cool looking and sounding Area59' PAF


CTS "Area59" TVT Pots Best Vintage Taper

"Area59" TVT CTS Pots now available ...smoother turning, best Vintage Taper available!


Hollow Point® Intonation System

Hollow Point® Product Description

The Hollow Point® is a replacement guitar part specifically designed to help players, technicians or anyone performing guitar repair to set the intonation on a double locking guitar tremolo accurately and efficiently.
They have been designed to reduce much of the headache that can be associated with repositioning the bridge saddles while tuning and setting the intonation on a guitar

In addition to reducing set-up time, Hollow Points® improve the overall appearance of the bridge, giving it a more stout, meaner look!
Hollow Points® were designed as a retro-fit intonation tool for the time-tested, gold standard of double locking tremolo units – the Floyd Rose® Tremolo System. Even though they will work on many variations of the original Floyd Rose® & Licensed units, including the Ibanez® Edge® Trems, our Hollow Points® work best on the recessed or low profile tremolos for maximum preservation of fine tuning range.

Once a set of Hollow Points® is installed, our BLITZ Method® of intonation is a systematic approach to setting the intonation more efficiently with greater accuracy and increased tuning stability. More details can be found on the Instructions and FAQ’s pages.

Constructed of solid brass, each Hollow Point® is proudly designed in the USA. In addition to increasing the efficiency and ease of set-up, other benefits include improved appearance, increased mass, sustain and tone.
Each set of Hollow Points® comes with:
6 Hollow Point® Intonation Inserts
6 Threaded Set Screws,
1-3mm Hex Wrench
1-2.5mm Hex Wrench
1-2mm Hex Wrench


Attention! Info About shippingtime! Read

hey Guys, please read! .....since we had several unhappy customers which send complaints about shippingtime and not received items...

So please read this...About shipping and shippingtime and tracking no's Info
1. We are selling company! WE ARE NO SHIPPING COMANY!!!!
2. Shippingtime is not in our hands! We send parts out (which are in stock) 98% the same day order is payed, then Barbara (my wife) send tracking no. out to the customer.
If any item is not in stock we will let you know and let you know est. Leadtime, we also send parts which are not in stock out for free when they are back in stock!
3. We ship part (Europe/worldwide) by DHL, which most leaves Germany within 1 day!
4. If the parcel arrives the destination country, the parcel will get in case of different Software Systems a "Matchcode" you can check the webside
DHL Sendungsverfolgung - DHL Tracking its ava. in different languages...
5. After package arrives the destination country, shippingtime is in hand of buyers Postcompany/Service! Its not in our hands! We can do "nothing" in this case!
6. Shippings often "HOLD" by Customs in case of security checks, this means the deliverytime is longer!
7. If customer send request about "where is my package" we only can contact DHL here in Germany and they send request to customers Postcompany/Supplier which have up to 17 days time to answer!
Often postman don't leave message when he try to supply package and nobody was home to receive it.
8. We try to satisfy our customers, but it seems some don't understand the system and rules, if customer complaint and want refund this is no problem, he can send all parts back for refund if he is not happy with it....
! We will send refund asap when post says, its lost! We also send refund when customer send the parts back and we got the parts back here in our house!
9. When customers are not happy with the quality or other things, they can send back!
... sometime customers don't wanna spend the time to go to their postoffice or don't wanna pay shippingcosts for sending parts back!? We will refund the shippingcosts in high of the cost that customer pay to receive it.
10. We do not sending parts in regular letters to safe money! This is not secure...we only send parts (no matter how cheap or expensive) only by registered letter or package! We are in the burden of proof of dispatch!

If anybody is not happy (sorry no personal issues just business) he can let us know and we wil try to fix it!

Andy & Barbara Crazyparts


Area59' PAFs used by Henrik Freischlader


Art of Aging Les Paul Guards


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Customparts for Worldclass Boutique Guitars



Crazyparts at FACEBOOK ! 


Clearence Sale Clearance Sale, Specials and Blowout long as stock! First comes first served...
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Art of Aging The Art of Aging Series.... Qualtiy Goods aged Inhouse... we started aging Plastic and Metalparts more then 13 years ago longtime before other done...Experience is what you cannot copy
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DMC Guitarparts Ever since 1999, Ace Iwasaki has created vintage replica parts, pieces of art infusing life into Les Pauls, like talismans for both Gibson and Historic Collection. The best and most authentic Vintage Reproduction parts available!
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Area59' Pickups "Unmistakable Vintage character" Buid from the best Vintage Replacement Parts and Materials available!
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Parts for Gibson* The best parts, for restoration, update, and newconstruction......
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Parts for Fender* Here you will find a selection of rare & vintage related Guitar parts, most aged but also some High Quality New parts.
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The Schaffer Replica™ The Secrect of Angus Youngs sound, the tone is now available for everybody! Read more...
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Killerguitarcomponents We are authorised Dealer for Germany...KILLER GUITAR COMPONENTS The best guitar parts for function, tone and aesthetics hand-made in the USA Killer Guitar Components specializes in custom guitar comp ...
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Wood, Bodies, Fretboards Direct for the USA.....Burst Tops
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Screws New & Aged We have a huge selection of High Quality Screws for Guitars incl. Vintage correct NOS screws new and aged
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Luxe Caps We are pleased to offer LUXE Vintage Repro capacitors, the worlds finest and best Caps for restauration or update your guitar.
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Electronics A wide range of High Quality Replacement Electronic Parts for you Guitar, Caps, Cables, Switches, Pots and Jacks....
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Selection, Quality and Service has a name "CRAZYPARTS"