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Here I go again...35th Anniversary Deal

35 Beastbucker Sets -50€ incl. Guard and Ticket

Bernie signed 35 LP Guard and copy of my first ever concert ticket for you!

X-Mas sale...great deals!

we wish a peacefull X-Mas time

and enjoy our specials...LTD Qtys asa stock!

Bernie Marsden Signature PAF...comming soon!

comming soon...

A PAF build to breathe the famous Burst Tone into your Modern Guitar

that's a reason why our company called CRAYZPARTS

new range of Tunerbuttons

LTD Quanity each set, each Set is unique! Breathtaking!

more Crazy stuff are some reasons why buying from us!

because we have the largest selection!

and (maybe) the best aeging available...we ageing parts for more then 15 years!

Offset compensated Tele Saddles....

The Mission "to make the guitar sound at its best"
...our new "Offset Compensated" asymmetrical Telesaddles arrived today...the are available in BRASS/STEEL/ALUMINUM

BRASS: overall very nice balanced tone of highs mids and lows. The alltime favorite material since the early 50's!

STEEL: Sound...Cold rolled steel adds a very acoustical value to the guitars tone, with more highs than brass but less highs than aluminum.

ALUMINUM: Sound...adds overall more highs without losing mids or lows. Great for Alderbodies or if you want more TWANG!

the best of all !!!! Try and find your personal Set or mix it!!!!

NEW! Aged Curved Bottom Rings...

Just in...Curved Rings

our Bestsellers now with Curved Bottom available

"Easy Turn" mod on CTS "TVT" pots available now!

CTS "TVT" Pots Custombuild to our specs

real Vintage Audio Taper Pots...under 10% Tolerance...

Now available for our CTS "TVT" Pots...."Easy Turn Mod" for the player who prefer a very smooth and easy turn feeling for volume and tone swells

Our 250K Split and Solidshaft Pots incl. the 500K Longshaft Pots have a Smooth Torque 72-252gcm (2nd lowest level available from CTS) for no ot-not too hard and no abrupt flattening to choke your playing style.
The new Area59' 500K Shortshaft Pot has a turning tourqe of 36-144gcm (Lowest level ava. from CTS)....we now offer all pots for add. charge of 2€ each Pot.

CTS "Area59" TVT Pots Best Vintage Taper

"Area59" TVT CTS Pots now available

...smoother turning, best Vintage Taper available!

Best Reproparts available

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