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Crazy Parts Germany

Europes finest & largest selection of Customparts

email: /Phone +49-5127-4767
email: /Phone +49-5127-4767 Business Phone Mo-Fr. 9am - 6pm European time

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About Shipping times...

Please read...Sorry we are no Shipping Company!!! In this case we cannot give you exact shipping time!..we get daily requests how long shipping need to reach customers adress! Shippings leave our shop normally within 1-2 days, then the package (You will get trackinginfos by email when parcel shipped) will leave Germany normally withing 1 day and will given to the receiving country post company which deliver the parcel to your adress. We are not able to say how long it will takes! Here are some apr. deliverytimes DHL anounce on webside.

Some samples: NOTE these are workdays and depending on processing time of Customsoffice!
UK: 3-6 days
France: 4-6 days
Italy: 5-8 days
USA: 8-12 days
Japan: 8-12days
Brasil: 15-18 days

You will find closer infos here...

True to Vintage...the best!

True to Vintage Supreme Quality Series...
True to Vintage Supreme Quality Series... Corret alloy, details incl. Tooling marks and plating...

Customaged Real Bakelite Guards...

Most authentic...Real Bakelite...Best ageing!
Most authentic...Real Bakelite...Best ageing! The best...correct thickness, shape...punched out! not CNC routed!

Customaged "Supreme" Vintage Tremolo

We only made a few...Customaged Trems
We only made a few...Customaged Trems ITs extreme timerobbing ageing process....but its worth! THE BEST!

Area59' Ltd. Edt. PAF Sets...

Only 25 Sets Build (incl. Certificate)
Only 25 Sets Build (incl. Certificate) our 1959' Pat. Appld. PAF with PAF Sticker, Double Blonde, Vintage Customaged Covers and our new Bone White CAB Rings (incl. all Screws)

Real Butyrate Rings...Bone White...Best Price!

The lowest Price for Real "CAB" Rings only here!
The lowest Price for Real "CAB" Rings only here! Introducing Price only 49,90€ incl. "M69" style Mounting Screws!!!

Just Premium "CAB" Parts Series

New  "CAB" Cellulose Acetate Butyrate"  Series
New "CAB" Cellulose Acetate Butyrate" Series True to Vintage made of real "CAB" Knobs and Rings new and aged...

Dark Brown Burst Tip...Exclusive from Crazyparts

Factory Dark Brown and aged...
Factory Dark Brown and aged...

"Art of Aging" Europes No.1 in aged Parts

For more then 20 years...Europes No'1
For more then 20 years...Europes No'1 Crazyparts offers the largest selection of aged Plastics and Hardware for Fender & Gibson Guitars

Hailwood Bird Inlay Buttons

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Minimum Order is 10€
Germany Hermes 4,90€-DHL 6,90€
Europe 10,90€
USA/Canada, Japan (Worldwide) 11,90€

Pure Vintage attitude

Nalle Colt using "Pat.Appld.1959er" PAFs

PRS® 408 Series Replacement Pickuprings

PRS® 408 Series Replacement Pickuprings

New CITES Regulation Info

In case of the new Worldwide CITES regulation, we are not able to selling Parts made of ROSEWOOD Species out of EUROPE longer!
Please contact your local dealer if you wanna purchase those parts. We are currently looking for dealers or Distributors out of Europe!


For closer infos please check details under "HAILWOOD CUSTOM PARTS"

Asym. Compensated Tele Saddles

Its your TONE!!!

Tonemission “to make the guitar sound at its best”. To get the best our of your Telecaster’s real potential a simple way to make it sound even better. Thesee new "Offset compensated" bridge saddles, cut out from solid block material, create a stunning tone quality you never heard before from your guitar, while the unique shape dramatically improve the octave tuning. The saddles aren't marked because they're asymmetrical. The two that are positioned the same are for the E/A and B/e while the other is for D/G String.

Hasnt' look and sound this good since 59'

Area59' True to Vintage PAF Covers

Area59' Hasn't look and sound this good since 59'

Finally they first shipping of 500 Covers arrived from the USA...our new "True to Vintage" PAF Covers...the finest and most authentic Vintage correct 0,20'' thickness Nickel Silver Covers at the market...

All correct details, Two different Series are ava. Modern & Vintage method polished! As the name says the difference is the method those covers are polished to get the typical Vintage look... The Vintage method Covers are polished from experience staff with lot of knowledge about the Vintage building and polishing technique (This guy doin this job for more then 30 years)... Both covers has the typical Vintage look
The Vintage one has slightly more dimple screw and more thinned out dimple holes in case of the method they are ploished, but thats not the only difference...the Vintage covers has a shorter plating time with the thinnest possible plating ava.

Finally we did it...our own Vintage PAF Covers...we spend a lot of time and money in research and a complete new tooling to create the new Area59' "True to Vintage" PAF Covers.

More real, more accurate and more Perfected Plated replica pickupcover of legendary 59's PAF, here are the new Area59' "True to Vintage" PAF" Covers....
Vintage PAF cover has got this gentle look that only careful hand work can achieve. Drawing, pressing, meticulously cut edges, loosely finished pole piece hole, buffing, plating for a deep shine. To replicate this gentleness, is produced exclusively by specialized staff throughout complex processes, from material processing to finishing. For sure with the correct 0,20' thickness real German Silver material.

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Selection, Quality and Service has a name "CRAZYPARTS"