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ABR-1 Bridges New

Gibson ABR-1 Brigdes

A great selection of ABR-1 Bridges...Nonwire, Wire, with Brass or Nylon Saddles...Chrome, Nickel and Gold plated...checkout also the new Locking ABR-1...

New Locking ABR-1 Bridge

Modern meets Vintage

Made in the USA locking ABR-1 bridge. Includes everything you need to install this onto your existing SAE 6-32 bridge posts. Bridge posts not included. The bridge is captured between the thumbwheel and locking cap to provide a positive transfer of tone to the body of the guitar. Set it and forget need to reset bridge height when restringing your guitar!
-Locking ABR-1 non-wire bridge for installing onto SAE 6-32 bridge posts
-Made in the USA
-Nickel plated
-Zinc diecast body
-Unnotched brass saddle for custom string spacing
-Include bridge, 2- thumbwheels and 2 - locking caps. Uses existing SAE 6-32 bridge posts or purchase them from our store.
-2 7/8" stud spacing
-12" saddle radius

Locking ABR-1 Gold

Works with Standard US Posts!

Smooth and Clean look!

Perfect fit!

ABR-1 Saddles are always Unnotched

All Saddles of our ABR-1 Bridges comes unnotched...why? Because of the different string gauge and Pickupspacings!
We offer Gibson Replacement saddles Brass, Nickel, Gold plated or raw, ABS and Nylon Saddles ( Fattened up the tone a little and took away the shrillness)
Nylon saddles are great with Semiacoustic Guitars...Joe Bonamassa using 3 Nylon saddles on 3 High Strings and 3 Brass saddles on Bass saddles...

Wired or Nonwired ABR-1?

it doesn't matter today...because

Gibson Changed specs of the Nonwired ABR-1 in 2010...Gibson changed specs of the screws in 2010 slightly, they will not fall out of the bridge if a string breaks...
but if you like it Vintage correct you have always the choice...btw. the Saddles Screws of the Nonwire and Wire Bridge are slightly different! Wired ABR-1 Screws have more Bevel compare to Nonwire Srews.

ABR-1 Nonwire Screws

ABR-1 Wired Screws

Gibson Nonwire Saddles

Gibson Nylon Saddles

Gibson ABR-1 Replacement Wire Retrainer

We offer a wide range of ABR-1 Replacement Parts

We are proud to offer one of the largest selections of Replacement Parts for Gibson Nonwire and Wired ABR-1 Bridges...Brass, Nylon and ABS Saddles, Replacement Screws, Wire Retrainer, Steel and Brass Posts, Conversion Posts Nashville to ABR-1 and a wide selection of different Thumbwheels for your personal tonal needs...

Pimp your Bridge...

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