Area59' "AOA" Vintage Shape Ltd.Edt. ABR-1 Nickel

Area59' Limited Edt. Gibson Nonwire ABR-1 Bridge...only 100 build!
Special run...when gone then gone
-Nickel Aged
-Vintage Shape Gibson Nonwire ABR-1
-Vintage Shaping
-Vintage Counterbore Postholes
-Vintage Soft Brass Saddles and Screws
-Saddles Type 2 (most common 1959/60') with slightly wider top
-Saddles with correct tolling markings
-Incl. Set of Area59' Softbrass Thumbwheels

Product ID: A59-AOA-VS-LTD-ABR-1

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Its all about the details..
Its all about the details.. Our Area59' is no exact copy of the Vintage screw, because its build for newer Gibson ABR-1 bridges for perfect "Vintage" fit...this screw let your ABR-1 breath! Overall more airy TONE! Harmonics with lot of Vintage attitude!