Area59' "AOA" Butyrate P90 Cover Ivory HA

our ageing is authentic! Not rusty!
our ageing is authentic! Not rusty! we are ageing Hardware and Plastics for more then 16 years! "Art of Aging"

Area59' True to Vintage P90 Butyrate (CAB) Vintage correct Soapbar Covers "Art of Aging " Series Heavy Aged
Maybe the best Aftermarket Vintage correct Soapbar Cover ava. incl. correct numbers inside!
-Vintage correct Size (Vintage and Gibson Historic Collection)
-Correct UC 452 B Marking inside the Cover
-Made of Butyrate (CAB)
-49,2mm Vintage Spacing
-Vintage Ivory Color
-Heavy aged incl. deforming like old covers

Product ID: A59-AOAP90IVOHA

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