Kluson® SL/SR Tuners Nickel Vint. Buttons Aged

Kluson® SL/SR Tuners Nickel Aged Vint. Buttons

Aged Kluson® Single Line - Single Ring Tuners Nickel plated, incl. screws and bushings, 3/3 style fits Gibson* style Guitars
These tuners are customized here inhouse they comes with WD Music USA Buttons : Very nive color and shape comes close to the Vintage Buttons
and correct distance (tunerbuttons to housing)
Historically used on:
1956 - 1959 Gibson® ES-175
1956 - 1959 Gibson® Les Paul Standard
1959 Epiphone® Crestwood Custom
1959 Epiphone® Broadway
1958 - 1959 Gibson® ES-335
1958 - 1959 Gibson® EDS-1275 Double 12/6 double neck (3 sets needed)
1958 - 1959 Gibson® EMS-1235 Double Mandolin 6 string guitar/mandolin double neck (2 sets needed)
1959 Gibson® EB-6
1956 - 1959 Gibson J-160E
1952 - 1959 Gibson® J-185

Note: Kluson® is registered trademark (in Europe) of Göldo Music Hannover Germany, the Kluson stamped Tuners we are selling are products of Göldo Music.
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