"Art of Aging" Bone White "CAB" Mounting Ring Set

The lowest Price for real "CAB" Rings only here!
The lowest Price for real "CAB" Rings only here! You will not find better CAB Ring for this price and quality! Introducing Price only 42,90€ incl."M69" style Mounting Screws! Colors Bonewhite or Black

Brandnew..."CAB" - Version of our Humbucker Rings... made of cellulose acetate resin/Butyrate, a popular material back then known to be static free, has a pleasant clinging feel for the player's delight. It will be the ultimate proof that this product is not just a vintage lookalike. It embodies a world of craftsmanship filled with elegance, nostalgia, and universal emotion. Note "CAB" Rings tends to gas our over the years and can shrink and deform with our ageingprocess we are able to get the nice shine and authentic look of old Burst rings...please note the ageingprocess is always different, you cannot copy 100% since its Uniqe Process...
Another great property of "CAB" is that the material is softer compare to Standard Plastic "ABS" Rings, they will follow the Topcarve easier so they "normally" don't breat (Otherwise the Topcarve is Extrem)

"Art of Aging" Bone White Humbucker Mounting Rings (Set of 2)
Made of real "CAB" Cellulose Acetate Butyrate"
Color:Bone White
Heigth Neck Ring: 4,4x6mm
Height Brigde Ring: 10x11,8mm
Incl. set of 8 aged "M69" Partial threaded Vintage style Mounting Srews (Aged)


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Set of 2