"Art of Aging" Witchhat Knobs "Silverface" (4)

The Witch Hat knobs (also called Amp Knobs) are black knobs with silver or gold numbers and silver or gold inserts. By late 66, the ES-335 and its brethren got the Witch Hat knob which looks suspiciously like a Fender amp knob. They look a lot like a witch hat. The transition occurred right near the end of 66. Most 66’s have reflectors and virtually all 67s have witch hats. The 335 kept the witch hats until the 81 reissue dot neck was released.
Silver inserts were meant for red 335s. 345s and 355s got the gold inserts no matter what color they were. Walnut finishes normally got the gold.
-Fits CTS and Standard US 20 fine spline (knurling) controls split shaft potentiometer
-Rolled edges
-Discolored numbers and top
-2 Tone/2 Volume Knobs


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