AOA ST-Guard 62' Smoked Green Guard Vintage Bevel

"Art of Aging" 62' 11-Hole Smoked Green ST-Guard with Glossy Wide Vintage Bevel
A classic Mint Green guard, one of the best repro guards on the market today with '62 hole pattern with the top hole further from the middle pickup.
Smoked Version, areas left and right of strings are discolored
Dirt build up.
Real Wide vintage bevel
Guard Thickness overall 2,6mm
Correct Countersunk holes for perfect screw fit
Simulated Neck Pickup mounting hole crack
Slightly yellow discoloration under the Stringarea
Made from US template so will fit Fender US/Mexican and vintage Strats. Each guard is hand aged, so each guard will be slightly different from the pictures, our Guards don't have scratched surface just like the original Vintage Guards


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