At one point or another, it is essential for any guitarist to upgrade or replace the electronics in their guitar. Each component is just as important as the next.

Our prewired harness for most of all famous guitars. As you can see the wiring is extremely organized and neat. This gives you a better current flow for good tone and quiet electronics. The capacitors are LUXE and modern style High Quality caps, only the finest and best aftermarket parts where used.

Many players are finding modern Les Pauls to be dull sounding, and lacking in tonal character. Many are not pleased with the pot tapers as well. The 50's style wiring, and the CTS "Vintage Taper" audio (Log.) pots that are used in our kits help to give your guitar its maximum tone, while better retaining high-end frequencies when turning down your guitar's volume controls.
This is a vast improvement over the "modern" wiring, as it allows you to actually use your volume controls without your tone turning to mud. Like many things from the 50's, you'll wonder why they ever changed from it in the first place!

We offer our Modern Prewired Assemblies also with a Vol. Mod. if prevered, to preserve high end frequencies and improve the taper when rolling back your volume potentiometer.

All Prewired Assemblies has CTS "Vintage Taper" Pots installed and comes with Wiring Instruction!

We offer a large selection of Prewired Assemblies
We offer a large selection of Prewired Assemblies Depending on what you need we offer Modern and Vintage stlye Prewired Assemblies build from the best parts available at the market...Ready to Install..comes on nice woodplate with Wiring Instruction..

Which Guitars needs which Pots (lenght)????

Gibson Les Pauls that take long shaft pots:
50's & 60's Tributes
Historic '68 Custom RI
1977-current Custom's
1977-current Deluxe's
1977-1982 Pro's
Gibson Les Pauls that take short shaft pots:
Historic R4/R5/R6/R7/R8/R9/R0
1952-1977 Standard's
1954-1977 Custom's
1968-1977 Deluxe's
Historic R7 Custom
The Paul's
Les Paul Special's
Les Paul Jr.'s
ALL EPIPHONES TAKE SHORT SHAFT POTS! (You have to enlarge the hole in case of different thread diameter!)
(the only exception is the Epiphone Les Paul Eliti
Please note that is just Weblist we pickuped, no guarantee! If you not sure, check pots in your guitars or google!