Buttons for Schaller, Grover and Sperzel Tuner

Outstanding Quality and Selection

We are proud to offer the worlds finest selection of Replacement and Custom Tunerbuttons for most of all tuners on the market. Our Bestsellers are Buttons for Grover Rotomatic, Grover Imperial, Sperzel and Kluson Tuners and the small and standard Schaller Tuners.
These knobs can give your peghead a new appearance.
Another benefit of these knobs is they will reduce the weight of the neck of your instrument — important for instruments that have that "neck-heavy" feel, if you use the wood or imitation buttons.

We offer Buttons build from the finest woods, also a huge selection of real locking Imitation Materials like Amber, Tortoise, Grained Ivory and Elephant Ivory (they are made of Kasein/Galalith and last but not least real Mother of Pearl buttons in White or Black!

The worlds finest Selection of Tunerbuttons

The finest Replacement Tunerbuttons...
The finest Replacement Tunerbuttons... We offer Tunerbuttons for Schaller M6, PRS Phase I/II & III, Gotho, Grover & Hipshot Tuners
Made in Germany...Hailwood Guitars & Parts
Made in Germany...Hailwood Guitars & Parts Worlds largest selection of Replacement Buttons...