Serial No. Ink Stamp Strip 50/60's Vintage Style

Serial Number Ink Stamp for 1950/60's Gibson Vintage style font. Rubberstrip with No. 0-9.
Hard to find...exact Vintage size 3/16" = 4,7mm, the closest Type font for Vintage Gibson Guitar Restoration or Updates... Compare the hundreds [if not thousands] of black ink stamp numbers from the 50/60s. They vary, usually based on how the ink sits on the stamp, but also how imperfectly the stamp is pressed to the headstock. That can lead to numbers being misread, even by experts. Rubberstripe with No. 0-9.
How to use
Cut the digits out with a fresh razor blade. Cutting with downward pressure like a guillotine seems to work best.
Lay the double sided tape down on your stamp block (you can use a piece of acrylic, piece of scrap wood, whatever).
Stick your digits to the strip of double sided tape and you are ready to stamp.
Many vintage serial numbers were crooked, off-center, misaligned, smudged, under inked, over inked, etc. So, it won’t matter if you screw up a little bit, it'll make it look more authentic.
It does take a little practice getting your hand to apply the perfect amount of pressure and takes some time to cut out the digits, but it should be a fun little project for you.


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