64'ST-Premium Red Tort. Guard HSS No-Cover Routing

New Colormix...SSS/HSS/HSH Guards
New Colormix...SSS/HSS/HSH Guards Red Tortoise, Brown Tortoise, Vintage Pearl, Vintage Greenish and Parchment Guards ava. now..maybe the finest Colors ava. for reasonable price!

Premium Grade - 64' Vintage Red Tortoise Pickguard for Strat - HSS Rounting Humbucker-Singlecoil-Singlecoil. Real Celluloid Toplayer, new Colormix!
Now 2,6mm Thickness gives a nice vintage look to the bevel edge Correct (different) Countersunk for Pickguard, Switch and Pickup Mounting Screws for perfect tight fit!

-Real Celluloid Toplayer
-4-Ply Wide Bevel with thicker Black Middle Layer
-2,6mm overall Thickness
-Fits 11 hole U.S. 64 template and will fit US/Mexican reissue and genuine vintage Strats
-Different Deep Countersunk Hole
-Non Countersunk Humbucker Mounting holes
-Routing for Humbucker without Cover

Product ID: 62STREDHSS1

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